Welcome to Tax Return Success



Tax Return SUCCESS


✔︎ Do (or learn how to do your own tax return) with others as part of a supportive group

✔︎ Peace of mind so you know you’ll have it done without panicking

✔︎ Kick up the bum when you need it and holding your hand when you need that too ????

✔︎ No worrying you’re doing it wrong


How does it work?


  • 2 group calls of 60 minutes (records/expenses/capital items/tax-deductibleness)
  • How To Do Your Tax Return course with all the info you’ll need
  • Private Facebook group with an online party to celebrate filing your tax return ????
  • Chocolate brownie (a real one, sent to your house) ????


What’s it about?

Tax Return Success is an online course to teach you to do your own sole trader tax return with live calls, Q&A and private group. And a chocolate brownie.

It’s basically a course with as many bells and whistles as you need and without the stuff you don’t (tax relief for plumbers anyone? I thought not).

My signature course How To Do Your Own Tax Return is already pretty amazing but you’re still doing it on your ownsome at home on your sofa with your cat sitting on your keyboard.

With Tax Return Success you get to keep the bliss of being on your ownsome at home on your sofa (introvert? yes please) only with a supportive group there to encourage you and keep you accountable and with real live calls.


What’s in the course?

  • Expenses
  • Capital items
  • How to file your self assessment
  • Sanity
  • None of the inexplicable gobledegook you read when you google this stuff
  • All the basics you need to know without the stuff you don’t
  • A sense of humour


Why a group?

  • Accountability
  • Support
  • Encouragement
  • Who wants to do this stuff on your own? 😉

You’ll be in good company with business owners like you and with lots of time for what you need. You can ask as many questions as you need, or be as quiet as you want to. It’s up to you.

It’s like when you’re learning anything new, or have something you need to do and keep putting off. It’s much easier and gentler and Gets. It. Done when you feel supported by a group to be there with you. You can share, you can ask questions, you can be nosy what reward everyone else is treating themselves to when they’re done 😉

I can’t wait to welcome you if you feel this is your next step #hugegrin


Did you mention cake?

2016-06-27-12-29-31Yes. I did.

Want a chocolate brownie in the post? You got it.

Like this one >



The finer details

Starts: September (8 places) or November (16 places)

Investment: £197 Super Early Bird for the first 8 places (4 places sold)

(if you joined me for 2016, there’s a 50% discount)


Your invitation to apply

I would love for you to be a part of this. It’s important though that everyone is a good fit for this programme so you get the most out of it. So please fill in the application form below to receive your invitation to join this tax-return-easing group coaching programme when it re-opens in Autumn 2017 and lock in the Super Early Bird price of £197 (save £100).

Interested and have questions? Book a 15 minute chat with me (book here).

I can’t wait to welcome you  ???? ????⭐️

Best wishes and cake,

Rosie x