The Essential Tax & Money Reads For New Freelancers

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Be A Free Range Human by Marianne Cantwell


Are you exploring freelancing?

A shiny new freelancer in your first year?

An established freelancer needing a refresh?

Collected in one handy place, all cosy and warm: The New Freelancer Edition.

Snuggle down with a glass of red and learn.

The Tax & Money Essential Reads For New Freelancers

1.  UK Freelance Tax & Self Assessment: A Quick Start Guide. Posted on Be A Freelance Blogger @sophielizard

2. Tax Returns: It’s Not Just About Your Expenses. Posted on The Freelance Lifestyle @freelance_life

3. Earn A Full Time Living As A Freelance Writer Online. Module 2: How To Go Freelance Without Going Broke and Life Money Checklist written by me

4. The 7 Step Plan To Tax Returns For Disorganised Freeagents. Posted on Kindred HQ @kindredhq

5. Calculate Your Hourly Billable RatePosted on Micro Business Hub @microbizhub

6. How To Bend Time To Get More Freelancing Writing Work (Done). Posted on Freelance Writers Online @kirstythewriter

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Ready to make your money and tax easy and fun from the word go? Have a look at Do Your Own Tax Return Support (free brownie!)

Are you not quite ready for 1:1 but know you want some help? Don’t forget The Tax Return Toolkit.


What are your favourite money, accounts and tax resources for new and not-so-new freelancers you’d love to share?

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  1. Thanks Rosie, this was really helpful! Now to actually find clients….

  2. Fab, thanks Hayley. Try Jo Gifford (Dextourous Diva), Sophie Lizard (Be A Freelance Blogger) and Emma Cossey’s (The Freelance Lifestlye) blogs for wise words in the client getting department.

  3. Hi Rosie,
    Great list of financial resources. I’d adda couple which aren’t directly financial if I may. I think they’re incredibly useful in helping people focus on getting clients, and hence lead into finances:

    The E-Myth. Although it’;s a bit american it has a lot that we could (and should) adapt for our much smaller businesses
    FT Guide To Business Networking – There are lots of freelancers who could get more from their network.

  4. Two really good ones there. I love the principles of The E-Myth. They aren’t so suitable for one man bands in practice but reading the book and the thinking about the meaning behind what he says is invaluable. It’s about systems really, so you have a template for that email you write a lot rather than doing it from scratch many times.

    I really must get a copy of Heather’s book The FT Guide To Business Networking. Thanks for the tip, I’m a member of the LinkedIn group and everything!

  5. I totally agree Rosie, you need to adapt the E-Myth, but the many of the principles in it can and do apply to well run one man bands.

  6. I didn’t realise you hadn’t read the FT Guide To Business Networking yet Rosie!

    Maybe you may prefer Jon and my latest book, The Go-To Expert. This publishes in just under 3 weeks time.

  7. Is that one for professionals, Heather? What kind of freelancers would benefit?


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