You Have A Tax Return To Do But Where Do You Start?


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Get Ready For Your Self Assessment The Easy Way!

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  •  You want a step by step guide to getting ready for your tax return you can download immediately
  • You want to understand your expenses and know what you can tax-deduct
  • You want straightforward practical information
  • You want tips and hints to make it stress free
  • You want plain English and special terms explained
  • You want cake, wine and rewards!
  • You’re a new business, a sole trader, a freelancer, blogger, one man band or director


What Do You Receive?


  • Self-employment and employment
  • Savings and dividends
  • Pensions, annuities and universal credits (benefits)
  • Partnerships, property/lodger income, foreign income
  • Freelancers going travelling, ex-pats,  non-UK citizens
  • Tax reliefs, other income, student loan repayments
  • Capital gains, redundancy payments, lump sums
  • Income tax, National Insurance and saving to pay your tax
  • When it’s a good idea to get help


‘I found the expenses checklists really useful –

especially what counts for tax and what doesn’t’

Emma Cossey, The Freelance Lifestyle


You’ll love the self-employment section:

  • Bookkeeping and records: what to do and what to keep
  • Allowed and disallowed expenses (what you can tax-deduct and what you can’t)
  • Capital items: what they are and what to do
  • Working from home: what you can claim and how
  • Mileage and travel: what you can claim and how
  • Expenses: what to be careful about
  • What are entertainment expenses and real life examples
  • Tricky stuff and multiple self-employments



‘The Tax Return Toolkit is wonderful.

I loved the humour and it’s so nice and clear’

Lisa McLoughlin, Art for Entrepreneurs


Because tax returns happen in real life:2014-10-07 11.35.13 crop

  • 7 Tips To Make Your Tax Return Easy
  • Turn Accounts Time Into You Time


 (because life is delicious and it’s all about the cookies)


‘I’ve gone from feeling like a bag of nerves to feeling calm and in control.’

Claire Wade, writer


The Tax Return Toolkit is only £49


√ Instant download

√ Tax-deductible

√ Fun, easy, understandable

Investment value without the investment price




‘The Tax Return Toolkit was like having Rosie there with me.

It was nice and simple and the relief I felt when I’d done it was huge’

Jenny Jameson, Webtech Wonder Woman



And There Are Bonuses!

√ The Rewards Checklist and printable

√ The Self-Employed-Cake-Addicted-Super-Hero Tax Return Action Plan



‘I got my tax return done with very little stress.

The Tax Return Toolkit really made the biggest difference to me’

Rachel Jane Brockhurst, massage therapist