Thinking About Your Tax Return?

It’s not just Captain Hook from Peter Pan who can hear ‘tick tock’.

The Self Assessment deadline is 31 January.

That’s about 2 minutes away in real life.

Let’s chat about what you need to do.

Do You Not Know What To Do With Your Tax Return?

  1. Put the kettle on
  2. Have you done the bookkeeping, got your records together?
  3. If yes, great! Contact me (or your accountant) and I can help you do your own return. I can’t quote your existing accountant, but I have a range of prices so you can get help
  4. If you haven’t done your records yet, see 3 😀
  5. Enjoy your cuppa and relax, knowing you’ve taken the first important step

Do You Have Your Tax Return & Need Help To Do It?

  1. Ask! Some returns are simple, some aren’t, you won’t know which yours is until you ask
  2. I offer tax return coaching to help you do your own tax return, as much or as little help as you need (or can afford). Ask your accountant if they can teach you to do it yourself or explain what they’re doing.
  3. A bit of teaching now can make it much easier, and cheaper, next year. Saving costs is good isn’t it?
  4. Enjoy your cuppa, and possibly a cheeky slice of cake or glass of red.

Do You Have A Tax Return & Want It Done For You?

  1. Contact your accountant or email me if you’d details of whom I can recommend
  2. There is also help available if your records are still in a raw state (receipts, bank statements etc) – I can show you how to get them shipshape in less time
  3. Pat yourself on the back for not leaving it to the stressful last December minute (or there is still hope if you have!)
  4. Remember that reward!
  5. Make sure you understand what your accountant is doing on your behalf 🙂

You Need To File A Self Assessment Tax Return If…

  • HMRC send you one. No exceptions, it’s the law
  • You run a business or freelance
  • You have property you rent out
  • You closed your business or stopped freelancing in this tax year
  • You’re a company director
  • You possibly need to do a tax return if you have a blog you make money from (advertising, affiliates, products etc). More details…

This isn’t a complete list, and please ask!

Postpone Your Procrastination Plans

Take the first step now.

The stress of leaving it just isn’t worth it.

If you don’t believe me, read 6 Ways To Avoid Your Accounts


If there is something strange and it don’t feel good,

Is it fear of your tax return?


You aren’t afraid of no accounts.


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  1. Every year I promise I will get these done as soon as I can ( so April sometime). And every year I am still sitting there come January. The bookkeeping is done and the form is reasonably simple. Why do I do this to myself?

  2. Why don’t you sign up for my Accountability email? That’s what it’s there to help with 🙂

    Clients receive gentle reminders, or less gentle if requested. I can also provide a big pointy stick.

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