Leaving The EU: What It Means For Your Business

Learn what the UK leaving the EU means for your business

  It's been like a rollercoaster without a seatbelt since the result of the UK EU referendum. It's time to gather our energies and adjust to whatever the new realities are going to be. I'll be covering: Leaving The EU: What's Going … [Continue reading]

The Essential Guide To Expenses

Your essential guide to expenses

January is a time when you need fast help when your self assessment is still on your To Do list. If it's summer when you're reading this (or October or November) and you have time under your belt, rather than overwhelm and panic, soooo much … [Continue reading]

Are You A Sole Trader Or A Limited Company?

Learn if you're a sole trader or limited company

Sole trader, limited company, you've heard me talking about them. They're your legal structure and the foundation of your business. What are they, what do they mean and which are you (and why it matters that you know).   What Is A Sole … [Continue reading]

Which Local Marketing Expenses Are Tax-Deductible?

Learn which local marketing expenses are tax-deductible

  Local marketing is a core marketing strategy, especially if your business is mostly face to face or geographically based. Which expenses are tax-deductible though? ;) I'm going to take you through the 7 most popular ways of local … [Continue reading]

How To Record Foreign Currency Payments in Paypal

Learn how to record foreign currency payments in Paypal

Foreign currencies. American dollars, Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, Euro, Yen, Krona, Rand, Rupee, Baht, Peso.... (even sterling, if you didn't know that it's UK £, one of the world's main trading currencies). What are foreign … [Continue reading]

The New Dividend Tax For Limited Companies

The new dividend tax for limited companies

Do you have a limited company? There is a new dividend tax which changes how much tax you pay as a shareholder/director when you are paid by dividends. It's one of the biggest tax changes for business owners in years. What are dividends? … [Continue reading]