3 reasons cake belongs with bookkeeping

Munch a brownie while we do your accounts for you

Let me tell you a story. When I was 5 I went to school one day and the class was doing baking in the afternoon. You can imagine it can't you, 30 5-year-olds all under the care of one teacher. Mrs Wood was destined to be a reception class teacher, … [Continue reading]

Save 2%: don’t be in the workhouse when you retire

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I was reading a blog post on Business Matters about how a fifth of people have no pension savings. Pension savings are very important. There won't be a state pension in a few decades time in my opinion (that affects you if you're in your 20s or … [Continue reading]

Cashflow starts with the letter C

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Cookie starts with C. So does cashflow. Is your cash flow good enough for you? … [Continue reading]