Late payments: do Prompt Payment Codes work?

We've all suffered from late payers. It's part of the job. What do you do when late payers threaten your business? Tax Donut recently published a blog post highlighting the reluctance - putting it politely - of big firms to sign up to the … [Continue reading]

Grow your business: put yourself in the path of opportunities

You need sales to enable your business to grow. Planning is important, you know that, and so is the ability to be spontaneous.   Why planning puts you in the path of opportunities   I may have an accounting business, but I've … [Continue reading]

3 reasons cake belongs with bookkeeping

Let me tell you a story. When I was 5 I went to school one day and the class was doing baking in the afternoon. You can imagine it can't you, 30 5-year-olds all under the care of one teacher. Mrs Wood was destined to be a reception class teacher, … [Continue reading]

Save 2%: don’t be in the workhouse when you retire

I was reading a blog post on Business Matters about how a fifth of people have no pension savings. Pension savings are very important. There won't be a state pension in a few decades time in my opinion (that affects you if you're in your 20s or … [Continue reading]

Cashflow starts with the letter C

Cookie starts with C. So does cashflow. Is your cash flow good enough for you? … [Continue reading]