My Accidental SEO Success – 3rd Place on Google for sole trader invoice template

  In May I added a sole trader invoice template to the One Man Band Accounting website. I'd had a lot of enquiries from new businesses needing help getting started and I remember what it was like when I became self-employed. That … [Continue reading]

What’s your big summer project?

Every August I have a Big Summer Project for my business. While a lot of people are enjoying the sunshine, I take the opportunity to come off Twitter and social media for a month and spend the time on a project that is more difficult to do during … [Continue reading]

How a budget got Cinderella to the Ball: How To Manage Your Cash Flow

[First featured on Claire Park Therapies] Budgeting is seen as the ugly sister of your finances. It's really about having cash flowing through your life and your business. With little money or time, Cinderella's life was just work and stress … [Continue reading]

10 Tax Advantages of Working From Home: James Bond Style

[First featured on Micro Business Hub] Imagine you’re James Bond… You’ve dispatched the Bad Guys, and now you’re setting up shop on a tropical island, offering spy services. Judi Dench has promised you some referrals, you’ve got a brand new … [Continue reading]

Home working boundaries

I was interviewed by Judy Heminsley over at Work From Home Wisdom about how I maintain boundaries between work and home life since I work from home. It was also one of her most read and commented on posts of 2012! 'How do you keep work separate … [Continue reading]

7 Step Plan To Making Your Tax Return Easy

Catch up with my guest post on KindredHQ about how to make your tax return easy. 'Uh-oh. The tax return elephant is in the room again. I have good news. Doing your self assessment tax return isn’t nearly as bad as eating an elephant. I … [Continue reading]