Demystify Limited Companies Retreat


Limited Company Day Retreat


Demystify Limited Companies Retreat

Everything You Need To Know About Tax & Accounts In 1 Day



I love retreats. It’s like escaping to another world, one of self care and pure business inspiration.

My heart feels lighter, I feel the person I want to become with the business I want to create. I want to share that same spirit with you in my spiritual home, so you can kickstart your limited company, learn whether a company is right for you, and most importantly, how you pay yourself #verylargegrin 🙂


Demystify Limited Companies Retreat


You have a limited company, you want to start a business, you’re sole trader and want to know more about becoming limited. Is that you?

Oh yes, and aren’t you just the teensy tiniest bit ‘OMG, I don’t want to ask, I’ll feel silly, shouldn’t I know, it’s too hard, let me just crawl into this corner with my duvet and let it all go away…..’

You’re a bit nervous about the whole thing if you’re honest, although you want to understand, feel confident and take action. While still in your duvet if at all possible. (Yup, been there, have a wardrobe full of T shirts, you too?)

You’ve also promised yourself more self care this year and space to plan and grow your business. Yes, you have. Time to actually do it, huh?

So if I tossed you a few Big Serious Questions such as:

  • What are the legal obligations of having a limited company?
  • How do I decide if a limited company if right for me?
  • I’ve heard a lot about changes to how limited company owners are paid, what does this mean?
  • How do you pay yourself?
  • What does your accountant do for you?
  • How do you know whether you’re making the right paying-you choices?
  • What about National Insurance, tax and dividends?
  • Will I lose my house if I don’t have a limited company?
  • What on earth is a benefit in kind?
  • And how do I ask my accountant what they’re doing for me?

How do you feel?

Good, and confident, and empowered, and free to grow your business?

Or wanting all those things and running away in your head as you know you really really really want to feel confident and understand and feel in control, dammit, but you need help. And not from a white middle class man in a suit either. Even if he is cute (usually he isn’t).

Maybe you’re not quite ready for one to one yet and a group option is the best thing for you right now.

Your Dream List:

  • Magic wand
  • Safe, quiet surroundings that soothe your monkey mind which is telling you you’re an idiot for not being superhuman for knowing all this stuff perfectly already
  • People like you so you feel safe and supported, not considered weird or antisocial, or patronised
  • Good solid information you can trust brought to you in a gentle way in small amounts you can process
  • The introvert overwhelm train is left behind, along with the HSP and Aspie overwhelm trains
  • Cake
  • A entire bucket of self care with your information
  • Going home feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, inspired, knowing what you’re going to do next and confident that now you understand how it all works
  • Super simple worksheets to help you keep track of what you need to remember
  • Cake, preferably afternoon tea in a garden on a softly sunshiney spring day
  • You learn all you need to know about limited company tax & accounts in one day – and feel good about it
  • Because you’re being really greedy (go for it!), you want breaks that give you a break, an incredibly fabulous lunch from home grown organic ingredients (and can cater for your grain free/sugar free/raw diet without anyone having a flap or you eating awful food) and if you’re particularly pushing the boat out, a walled kitchen garden straight out of a country house you could move right into.

I am crazy writing a dream list like that. Off my rocker to be honest. Still, that’s what makes me special. The thing is, it’s true.



An Inspirational Natural Setting


Limited Company Day Retreat

On a business retreat, I feel so much better, I feel so much more confident, I feel inspired and know exactly what I’m going to do to next.

Your Limited Company Retreat is held at Gravetye Manor in Sussex: one of the most beautiful and inspirational places I have ever visited. The first time I visited my soul moved in.

The jaw dropping gazebo in the image above? That’s the room we’ll be in. Honest. It’s stunning.

Would you like to see more? Have a look:


This is the view from the garden. I know. So inspiring, soul lifting, so kick ass I must go do my entire to do list because I am on FIRE! It sings to your spirit.

2015-08-08 10.38.03 smaller

That dream list? Tick. every. single. box.


I know how it feels to want to feel free to grow my business, only to feel stuck.

To want to kickstart, only to feel a complete idiot because I don’t feel confident enough or know enough to take the action I need.

To feel intimidated to ask the questions I need to ask, and avoid going to events because bloody hell I’m so exhausted afterwards. (And do not get me started on the energy vampire that are halogen lights).

To feel physically sick with anxiety when you try to take the next step in your journey, and yet again, it doesn’t happen because you ever tried taking inspired powerful action when your emotional body is paralysing you? (If that’s you, good news, I broke through, I actually broke through, and this retreat is proof. You can do it too, I know you can, I have belief in you).

To want it perfect, only it’s not about that is it? (for example, I am meant to have beautiful formatting on a sales page, but hello, I’m talking to you not writing copy, so sod it. It’s you and me in our jammies here, not all formal at a networking meeting we had to put a bra on for).

I want you to book this limited company day retreat feeling so excited in that secret place inside that knows you can do great things. I know you can.

The place that needs a duvet sometimes, and needs to be loved and cared for in its full duvet-loving glory, while being held accountable for its actions so you actually get up and take action to do what you need to do to create the next step to your great things.

To be nurtured while you’re learning about PAYE, and registering a limited company, and whatever a BIK is (not a biscuit, unfortunately), and how you make your life easy while keeping up with all this *ahem* very important *ahem* nonsense (cause you know, it can feel like nonsense, even though it’s important it’s done properly).

To feel so so good about being paid, how you’re paid and feel confident with peace of mind, that beautiful thing. It’s now a known known.

To properly understand and feel empowered – so you can create the breakthroughs and growth you’ve been dreaming of and deserve.

All without going home feeling exhausted at the end of the day.

It’s your time to do this.

Book your place before I open availability in February 2017 and receive a bonus of the 28 Day Self Care For Your Finances Challenge email course.



Everything You Need To Know About Limited Company Tax & Accounts In 1 (Relaxing) Day


Are you ready for a fabulous bulleted list? (LOVE those!)

What’ll be covered on the day is all you need to know without you doing the grunt work of finding it ourself and not having any idea what applies to you, what doesn’t, and what do all those strange words mean anyway.

  • Why Choose A Limited Company?
    • Sole trader or limited company, legal obligations, deadlines, bank accounts
  • Paying Yourself As A Limited Company
    • Salary, dividends, transitioning from sole trader/employment
  • Day To Day Basics
    • What’s different from sole trader, working from home, self care for your biz finances
  • Making Your Life Easy
    • Working with your accountant, records and rewards

Not too much, not too little. Just enough.

We start at 9am, finish at 5.30pm and have morning and afternoon breaks, a generous 1 1/2 hours for lunch and an hour for afternoon tea, before finishing with Q&A. (Yes, I did mention cake).


Is this retreat right for you?

  • You want to kickstart your limited company and understand what needs to happen and how you’ll pay yourself
  • You want to start a business and you feel a limited company is probably the right choice for you, but you aren’t sure
  • You have a limited company and not knowing your responsibilities and what your accountant is doing is holding you back
  • You’re sole trader and want to learn more to help you decide if upgrading to limited is the right choice for you
  • You’re in the pre-business research phase and want to get your information all in one place to save time, energy and sanity
  • You’re not ready for one to one and want more help than searching on your own can provide
  • You want the support of others and of a relaxing venue, to help keep you accountable to asking what you need to
  • You’re introvert, HSP, empath, Aspie and most events overwhelm you and take days to recover from – you want to learn and keep your energy (and meet people like you)
  • You keep putting it off learning about this stuff and it’s time to stop
  • You want a self care day with content that speaks to you and is tax deductible
  • You love cake (* although cake consumption is not required)

Book your place before I open availability in February 2017 and receive a bonus of the 28 Day Self Care For Your Finances Challenge email course.

Is this retreat not right for you?

  • You’re a plumber or an electrician etc etc
  • You hate nature and it makes you itch
  • You’re a major extrovert who loves small talk, wild parties and doesn’t understand the need for quiet time
  • You aren’t prepared to put in the work to learn and take action
  • You aren’t prepared to keep discussions confidential and keep a safe space for others
  • You don’t really care about understanding your legal obligations with a limited company
  • You aren’t prepared to take responsibility for your own learning and growth


Limited Company Day Retreat

One of the quiet garden nooks


Still with me? YES! I knew you would.

What else? Places are limited, so you know you’ll have space and energy to learn and relax, without being overwhelmed by too many people.

The venue is a natural gem, with real spirit of place, beautiful gardens, a walled kitchen garden and chickens. I am totally in love with the fennel that grows everywhere (and if you want to try, you can. The hotel has it on their herbal tea menu, along with their own camomile).

The hotel serves a gorgeous lunch, afternoon tea and teas and coffees are all included.

They grow their own fruit and vegetables and herbs, use local produce and make their own cakes and biscuits.

Want a sneak peek of what we got up to at last year’s retreat?

(There’s no course content in the video to protect confidentality, the course isn’t available, and I have a new haircut. But the rest is just the same, except this year I would love for you to join me 🙂 )



Give me a 5 second summary


The Limited Company Retreat is perfect for introvert HSP Aspie business owners, who want just enough information about limited company tax and accounts to kickstart their business, or decide if they want one, in a quiet, restorative setting so they leave invigorated, refreshed, empowered and ready to take action on their business and grow it to the big things they know they’re capable of.


”I booked with Rosie to address those questions which niggled in my mind, but which I was too embarrassed to ask my accountant as surely a “ company director” should know?  Rosie broke down all those barriers and I left feeling empowered. I feel confident and back in charge.”

Caroline Burwood

Book your place before I open availability in February 2017 and receive a bonus of the 28 Day Self Care For Your Finances Challenge email course.


What’s Included

When: 7 April 2017 (to be confirmed), 9.00am-5.30pm

Where: Gravetye Manor, Vowels Lane, East Grinstead, East Sussex, RH19 4LJ (featured on Masterchef)

The food: Lunch, afternoon tea, coffee, tea, home made biscuits and all refreshments

Food free-from safe: Gluten/grain/sugar/dairy free, vegan and raw, no problem

Introvert, HSP, Aspie safe: Yes (I’m an HSP INFP Aspie). You will have time for yourself, enough breaks with natural light and no background music

Private Facebook group

Self care goody bag, including my famous chocolate brownie

Places: Maximum of 10

Investment: £347 (tax-deductible, even the cake)


Book your place before I open availability in February 2017 and receive a bonus of the 28 Day Self Care For Your Finances Challenge email course.


“Rosie was the one who got me to finally stop dithering and go for it. I can honestly say that she’s amazing. I was so unsure of myself and Rosie helped me take the leap.”

Melanie Whittaker

 I’ve made this as no-brainer a price as possible and it’s even tax-deductible. Yes, that’s right, a dream list of an event and it’s tax-deductible too. (You’re welcome).



Rosie Slosek


Buy Now button blue

Book your place before I open availability in February 2017 and receive a bonus of the 28 Day Self Care For Your Finances Challenge email course.

Do you have a question or need an invoice? Ask me

I’m so looking forward to having you join me – so excited! It’s going to be an incredible day helping you on your journey to a limited company or understanding the one you have 🙂

Places are already being booked, so contact me if you have questions or book now.



If I book before the date is confirmed, can I get a refund if I can’t make the date?

I’ll contact you once the date is confirmed and if you can’t make it, you can have a complimentary place on the online Demystify Limited Companies Mastermind or a refund.


What are my transport/parking options?

East Grinstead train station is 15 minutes away by taxi. By car:  There is lots of free parking on site.


Where can I contact you with questions?

You can contact me here.


Is my registration/ticket transferable?

Yes. Please send their contact details at least 48 hours before the event.


What is the refund policy?

No refunds (unless you booked before the date was confirmed) although your ticket is transferable. Please tell me the contact details of who has your ticket. I can offer a complimentary place on the online Demystify Limited Companies Mastermind instead 🙂


Book your place before I open availability in February 2017 and receive a bonus of the 28 Day Self Care For Your Finances Challenge email course.


See you there! It’s going to be an inspiring day 🙂



Photos are mine or credit Gravetye Manor

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