Helping one man bands in the UK free their lives of tax return stress with personable service & a home made brownie

Hello, I’m Rosie Slosek.

I’m a micro business just like you.

I understand the challenges, the stresses and the joys of starting and running a business when there is only one of you. I co-founded EU VAT Action when the VAT rules changed and we made miracles.

Whether you have a team supporting you or you don’t outsource a thing, it’s you who is in charge.

I’m  your main point of contact and combination of mentor, coach, trainer, hand holder, panic/fear remover, confidence builder, practical organised bod, and cake provider – with a large dose of supporting one man bands to actually feel good about your accounts and tax return obligations.

Do you enjoy these activities?

  • Tearing your hair out trying to figure out what you need to do?
  • Worrying which expenses you can take off your tax bill?
  • Balancing your money between bills now and future saving?
  • Started a business and not sure what your responsibilities are?


I understand. It’s stressful and high up the put-it-off list.

It’s often lack of time, lack of confidence, fear of what we don’t know, fear of getting it wrong, fear of numbers, and old-fashioned do-it-tomorrow-itis.

Hello, I’m a brownie. Bookkeeping is better with a brownie. Eat me.

How One Man Band takes away the pain –

Accounts Time is You Time!

Why associate your accounts with procrastination and paying the taxman?

It can be time to take a breath, have a cup of tea or glass of wine, and a brownie while you relax doing your bookkeeping.

That’s why every client of One Man Band Accounting is sent a real home made brownie with a hand written thank you.

Are you looking for –

No more procrastination, your accounts and bookkeeping without stress and put-it-off-itis, topped off with a personable customer experience, support when you need it, and a home made brownie?

How One Man Band can help you –

  • Self Assessment – Do-Your-Own-Tax-Return support and coaching for sole traders, freelancers, directors and new businesses
  • Limited Company – Understand your obligations and get confident about your record keeping, Know what your accountant is doing and get clear about what you need to do and why you’re doing it
  • Sole Trader – Savings, bookkeeping, expenses, cash flow and late payments/getting paid. Get serious about your self-employed finances
  • Is Sole Trader Or Limited Company Right For You? – If you’re new, thinking about starting a business, or your blog is making money, Rosie can help you explore the issues that are relevant to you, so you can feel confident making the right decision
  • When Is It A Good Idea To Become A Limited Company? – Are you a sole trader earning over £30k? Do you want to work with corporates? Need to explore what having a limited company means?
  • Resources – Have a look at our blog or download one of our resources

What we don’t do –

  • Businesses with turnovers of £250k and over
  • Payroll, VAT
  • Accounts and returns – but we can support you doing it yourself (sole trader) (limited company)
  • Act as an intermediary (agent) on your behalf between HMRC and your business
  • If you need a service we don’t offer, please ask and we can refer you to a trusted source who can help

And cake. I must mention the cake again.


About Rosie –

Rosie lives in north London with her partner and an allotment. When she’s not spending too much time on Instagram and Twitter, you can find her watering her tomatoes, baking cakes and walking on Hampstead Heath. She loves to write in her local coffee shop and may be one of the few people left who pens blog posts on paper. Rosie loves her pocket book editions in preference to a Kindle, especially when they’ve got those fabulous yellowed pages with old book smell. Her focus is casual style in all areas of life, a love of travel and a sense of calm and peace of mind.

Receipts to do? It’s BROWNIE TIME! Come to me, little brownie.

That’s One Man Band Accounting and what we do.

Tax return support, limited company support, and coaching (savings, bookkeeping, expenses, cash flow, late payments) – with a big side order of cake and support.

Well, with 30 years of baking experience, I couldn’t not!




If you want less stress and more cake with your tax return, ask Rosie for your 20 minute no-obligation consultation.


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