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Money, numbers, accounts, tax.

It can feel like an insurmountable hurdle.

How do you save for the future, how do you pay your bills, how do you manage your flow of cash?

This is the place to come for help. We offer:

You want energy back for getting more clients, you want to stop wasting time procrastinating, you want to grow your business.

I’m Rosie, lover of cake, good chocolate, the great outdoors & in charge of the fabulous team that are One Man Band Accounting.

I’m a big believer that getting your accounts done should be easier, less hassle and fear free.


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Our Signature brownie

Every client of One Man Band Accounting receives our signature home made brownie, sent to you with a hand written thank you.

I understand the power of rewards for getting those dreaded tasks done & hate the feeling of procrastination as much as you do.

Turn Accounts Time into You Time, work with One Man Band Accounting.

“Rosie should alter her job description, to something like “expert therapist and counsellor for the HMRC-phobic”.

I appreciated the patience, good humour and great communication Rosie provided at every stage.

If you are stressing like I was about business or personal taxation I sincerely recommend Rosie, to help you straighten everything out.”

Maya Middlemiss, Saros Research




Ask Rosie for a no-obligation 20 minute consultation to explore how One Man Band Accounting can help you too.